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    Application Guidelines for Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI)
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The Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI) is the program supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. By inviting talented people from countries in Asia, Latin America, East Europe and Africa with different languages and cultures, the CPI offers them an opportunity to experience Korean culture and share their own culture. The CPI covers different areas of culture operated by separate organizations, including Culture, Arts, Cultural Industry, Tourism and Sports. 

  • General Information
  • Period:  1 Jun - 20 Nov (6 months)
  • Location:  Each host organization.  Please refer to the CPI website.
  • Areas:  Culture, Art, Tourism, Cultural Industry (Media) and Sports
  • Eligibility
  • Specialists in the area of Culture, Art, Tourism, Cultural Industry, and Sports
  • Ages between 25 and 45 from Asia, South America, Africa and East Europe

(Public/Civil officials, Researchers, Artists, etc.)

  • Experience in the training-related sector with an interest in cultural exchanges with Korea
  • Language proficiency (English or Korean)
  • Benefits:
  1. Air ticket: A round-trip air ticket from/to Incheon International Airport (direct flight/economy class)
  2. Accommodation
  3. Living expense support: Approx. $800 per month (for meals, transportation, phone bills, utility bills, etc.)
  4. Training fees: Korean language lesson fees and relevant training program fees
  5. Insurance, costs incurred for cultural experience activities, etc.