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  • Volume 14
    • Living site, living values: the Matendera festival as practice in community conservation
      Author : Njabulo Chipangura, Robert T. Nyamushosho, Takudzwa B. Pasipanodya
    • Wangkarra: communication and the verbal arts of Australia’s Western Desert
      Author : Inge Kral, Jennifer Green, Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis
    • Aligning tradition and creativity: preserving pansori in South Korea
      Author : Anna Yates-Lu
    • Intangible heritage in the United States: a history of separate initiatives
      Author : William Chapman
    • Safeguarding memory as intangible heritage: experiences and stories of life on Hong Kong’s social housing estates
      Author : Jonathan Paquette, Di Wang, Won Min Seo
  • Volume 13
    • Museums and Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage - Facilitating Participation and Strengthening their Function in Society
      Author : Janet Blake
    • Grandfather Tree: Ute Horror at the Killing of a Heritage Tree
      Author : Richard Stoffle, Alden Naranjo, Chris Sittler, Kelly Slivka
    • Deities in a Changing Igbo Society: Ndi Nsukka, 1960-2016
      Author : Okonkwo C. Eze
  • Volume 12
    • Inhabiting a Language: Linguistic Interactions as a Living Repository for Intangible Cultural Heritage
      Author : Olga Bialostocka
    • ‘Super-diversity’ and the Changing Face of Intangible Cultural Heritage: the Case of West-Kruiskade, Rotterdam
      Author : Albert van der Zeijden
  • Volume 11
    • Zhao Mu: The Presence of the Past in the Meaning(s) of Space in Confucius’ Graveyard
      Author : Zongjie Wu & Bailan Qin
    • Classical Horsemanship and the Dangers of the Emergent Intangible Cultural Heritage Authorised Discourse
      Author : Sarah Sargent
    • Sanctuary of the Spirits: Okwu-muo, Ori Oke and ‘Mammy Water’ in the Veneration of Sacred Natural Sites in Southern Nigeria
      Author : Temitope Israel Borokini
    • The Spirit of the Convention – Interlocking Principles and Ethics for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage.
      Author : Marc Jacobs
    • ‘All Hands on Deck’: the ‘Sailing’ Landships as unique Cultural Icons of Barbados
      Author : Allison O. Ramsay
  • Volume 10
    • Ghost of the Forest: the Tangible and Intangible in Natural and Cultural Heritage
      Author : Marcel Robischon
    • Flowers for 'Mama Mary': Cultural Hegemony and Change in Argao's Traditional Flores de Mayo
      Author : Zona Hildegarde Saniel Amper
  • Volume 9
    • Sacred water: rediscovering the ancient hydraulic system of Angkor and traditional knowledge of water management and engineering systems
      Author : Peou Hang
    • Marshal Nezha ‘transformed’: Techno Nezha in Taiwan
      Author : Leo Yuan
    • Excellence and authenticity: 'Living National (Human) Treasures' in Japan and Korea
      Author : Noriko Aikawa-Faure
  • Volume 5
    • From subject to producer: reframing the indigenous heritage through cultural documentation training
      Author : Guha Shankar
  • Volume 3
  • Volume 2
    • Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage: Key Factors in Implementing the 2003 Convention
      Author : Richard Kurin