Main Papers

  • Volume 14
    • Dovetailing: safeguarding traditional craftsmanship using virtual reality
      Author : Ingeborg Goll Rossau, Milo Marsfeldt Skovfoged, Jedrzej Jacek Czapla, Miroslav Kalinov Sokolov, Kasper Rodil
    • Beyond the intangible/tangible binary: an analysis of historic built environments in Valencia, Spain.
      Author : Juan García-Esparza
    • Cross-cultural understanding of Chinese traditional puppetry: integrating digital technology to enhance audience engagement
      Author : Shichao Zhao, David Kirk, Simon Bowen, Peter Wright
    • Gastronomic heritage elements at UNESCO: problems, reflections and interpretations on a new heritage category
      Author : Marco Romagnoli
  • Volume 13
    • Contemporising Custom: the re-imagining of the Mari Lwyd
      Author : David R. Howell
    • Panaad and the Paril: Traditional Systems of Soil and Water Conservation in Cebu, the Philippines
      Author : Zona H. Amper, Ian Dale Rios, Vincent Ace Caumeran, Ruel Rigor, Teresita Cleopolada Sarile
    • Shared Stories: Narratives Linking the Tangible and Intangible in Museums
      Author : Joris van Eijnatten, Marije de Nood
    • In Search of Honour: Eya Ebule as a Legacy of Igbo resistance and food security from World War 2
      Author : Christian Chukwuma Opata, Apex A Apeh
    • Puha Po to Kavaicuwac: a Southern Paiute Pilgrimage in Southern Utah
      Author : Kathleen Van Vlack
    • Why is she naked? An Iterative Refinement of the Digitisation of ICH with the OvaHimba Tribe in Namibia
      Author : Kasper Rodil, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus
    • Sokcho Saja Noreum: Transition and Transmission of a North Korean Community's Intangible Cultural Heritage
      Author : Eun Sok Bae, Yoon Ok Park
    • ICH and 'Frugal Innovation': a Contribuition to Development through the Framework of the 2003 Convention
      Author : Julio Sa Rego, Ariane Agnes Corradi
    • An Analysis of Educational Designs in Intangible Cultural Heritage Programmes: the Case of Spain
      Author : Olaia Fontal Merillas, Marta Martinez Rodriguez
    • Tide and Time: Korean Fishermen's Traditional Knowledge of Multtae in Gomso Bay
      Author : Sook-Jeong Jo
  • Volume 12
    • Intangible Cultural Heritage and Soft Power – Exploring the Relationship
      Author : Hanna Schreiber
    • Crafting Collaboration: Conflict Resolution and Community Engagement in the Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum Cluster
      Author : Yi Fu & Sangkyun Kim & Ruohan Mao
    • Lefkara Lace: Educational Approaches to ICH in Cyprus
      Author : Maria Ktori
    • Copyright and Data Authenticity in the Digital Preservation of Heritage: the Case of OAPI States
      Author : Caroline Joelle Nwabueze
    • Inventorying Intangible Cultural Heritage on the Web: a Life-cycle Approach
      Author : Maria Teresa Artese & Isabella Gagliardi
    • Liquid Gold: Berber Women and the Argan Oil Co-operatives in Morocco
      Author : Patricia Huang
    • Intangible Cultural Heritage in Times of ‘Superdiversity’: Exploring Ways of Transformation
      Author : Jorijn Neyrinck
    • Flooded Lands, Forgotten Voices: Safeguarding the Indigenous Languages and Intangible Heritage of the Nubian Nile valley
      Author : Kirsty Rowan
    • A Perspective on Systems Design in the Digitisation of Intangible Cultural Heritage
      Author : Kasper Rodil
  • Volume 11
    • Mystical Music: Safeguarding Sufiana Mausiqi - a Vanishing Art Form of Kashmir
      Author : Shabir Ahmad Mir
    • Masquerade as Memory: Conflict as Heritage in Lavras do Abade, Brazil
      Author : Diogo Menezes Costa
    • Ụzọ mma: Pathway to Intangible Cultural Heritage in Otobo Ugwu Dunoka Lejja, South-eastern Nigeria
      Author : Christian Chukwuma Opata & Apex Anselm Apeh
    • The Name of the Game: Oware as Men’s Social Space from Caribbean Slavery to Post-Colonial Times
      Author : Richard W. Stoffle & Mamadou A. Baro
  • Volume 10
    • A Decade Later: Looking at the Past while Sketching the Future of ICH through the Tripartite Digitisation Model
      Author : Kasper Rodil & Matthias Rehm
    • Disappearing Dialect: the Idu-Mishmi Language of Arunachal Pradesh(India)
      Author : Rashmirekha Sarma
    • Food for the Soul: Eternal Co-existence in the Mayan-Catholic Traditions of Pomuch, Mexico
      Author : Eva Leticia Brito Benítez & Heajoo Chung
    • Spirit of the Loom: the Conservation and Commodification of Surin's Textile Cultural Heritage
      Author : Ratchaneekorn Sae-Wang
    • Common Histories, Constructed Identities: Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Rebranding of Serbia
      Author : Aleksandra Terzić & Željko Bjeljac & Nevena Ćurčić
  • Volume 9
    • The value of memory: Suakin’s cultural heritage - significant for whom?
      Author : Shadia Taha
    • ICHPEDIA, a case study in community engagement in the safeguarding of ICH online
      Author : Soon Cheol Park
    • A network of traditional knowledge: the intangible heritage of water distribution in Bahrain
      Author : Britta Rudolff & Muhammad alZekri
    • Bruegel and Burke were here! Examining the criteria implicit in the UNESCO paradigm of safeguarding ICH: the first decade
      Author : Marc Jacobs
    • eNanda Online: sharing Zulu cultural heritage on the Internet
      Author : Sabine Marschall
    • Altai Kazakh falconry as ‘heritage tourism’: the Golden Eagle Festivals of Western Mongolia
      Author : Takuya Soma (相馬 拓也) & Battulga Sukhee (Сүхээ Баттулга)
    • E-Folklore and cyber-communication among Emirati youth
      Author : El-Sayed el-Aswad
  • Volume 8
    • Putting Intangible Heritage in its Place(s): Proposals for Policy and Practice
      Author : Ned Kaufman
    • Losing our Masks: Traditional Masquerade and Changing Constructs of Barbadian Identity
      Author : Marcia Burrowes
    • Ethnological Values and Opportunities for Establishing a Heritage Policy around Tuna-trapping in Andalusia (Spain)
      Author : David Florido-Corral
    • Challenges Surrounding the Survival of the Nishijin Silk Weaving Industry in Kyoto, Japan
      Author : Okpyo Moon
    • Air Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Haar of Scotland and Local Atmospheres as Heritage 'Sites'
      Author : Benjamin Morris
    • The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Wales: a Need for Safeguarding?
      Author : David Howell
    • Barbadian Bio-cultural Heritage: an Analysis of the Flying Fish
      Author : Janice Cumberbatch & Catrina Hinds
    • ‘Community’ as a Landscape of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Basho-fu in Kijoku, a Japanese Example of a Traditional Woven Textile and its Relationship with the Public
      Author : Sumiko Sarashima
    • A Community Convention? An analysis of Free, Prior and Informed Consent given under the 2003 Convention
      Author : Britta Rudolff & Susanne Raymond
    • A Sense of Place: Re-purposing and Impacting Heritage Resource Evidence through Digital Heritage and Interpretation Practice
      Author : Ray Howell & Matt Chilcott
  • Volume 7
    • The Ritual of Boat Incineration on the Island of Vis, Croatia: an Interpretation
      Author : Joško Božanić & Eni Buljubašić
    • Asian Indian Celebrations of Ethnicity: Perspectives from the Mid-western United States
      Author : M. Gail Hickey
    • The System of Sponsorship for Processional Images and the Traditions Associated with them in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, the Philippines
      Author : Romeo B. Galang, Jr.
    • The Catalan Fishermen’s Traditional Knowledge of Climate and the Weather: a Distinctive Way of Relating to Nature
      Author : Eliseu Carbonell
    • Women’s Dances from the Javanese Court
      Author : Michi Tomioka
  • Volume 6
  • Volume 5
    • Revitalisation of the folk epics of the Lower Yangzi Delta: an example of China's intangible cultural heritage
      Author : Anne E. McLaren
    • The links between safeguarding language and safeguarding musical heritage
      Author : Catherine Grant
    • Fresco: intangible heritage as a key to unlocking the links between the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in Alamos
      Author : Daan Hoekstra
    • Safeguarding traditional craftsmanship: a project demonstrating the revitalisation of intangible heritage in Murad Khane, Kabul
      Author : Thalia Kennedy
    • Safeguarding Australian heritage trade skills
      Author : Deborah Tranter
    • 'Operational sequence analysis' applied to pottery making techniques in Korea
      Author : Song-Yong Park
  • Volume 4
    • Finding the 'First Voice' in rural England: the challenges of safeguarding intangible heritage in a national museum
      Author : Rhianedd Smith
    • Conceptualising intangible heritage in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam: the Layla and Majnun story as a case study
      Author : Sadiah Boonstra
    • Reading the intangible heritage in tangible Akan art
      Author : Kwame Amoah Labi
    • Let the objects speak: online museums and indigenous cultural heritage
      Author : Saskia Vermeylen & Jeremy Pilcher
    • Len Dong- spirit journeys in contemporary urban Vietnam
      Author : Ngo Duc Thinh
    • Investigative research towards the designation of shamanic village rituals as 'intangible cultural properties' of the Seoul Metropolitan Government
      Author : Jongsung Yang
    • Safeguarding intangible heritage: five key obstacles facing museums of the North East of England
      Author : Michelle L. Stefano
  • Volume 3
    • The Girinya Dance Theatre of the Tiv People of Nigeria: an Aesthetic Evaluation
      Author : Jacob Manase Agaku
    • Contextualising Intangible Cultural Heritage in Heritage Studies and Museology
      Author : Marilena Alivizatou
    • Cosmology: an Intangible Heritage Exhibition and Educational Programme at the Museum of Astronomy, Rio de Janeiro
      Author : Luiz Carlos Borges & Marilia Braz Botelho
    • Preserving Intangible Heritage in Japan: the Role of the Iemoto System
      Author : Voltaire Garces Cang
    • The Importance of Communities being able to Provide Venues for Folk Performances and the Effect : a Japanese Case Study
      Author : Hyeonjeong Kim
    • Beyond the Dance: a Look at Mbende (Jerusarema) Traditional Dance in Zimbabwe
      Author : Jesmael Mataga
    • The Internet as a Tool for Communicating Life Stories: a New Challenge for 'Memory Institutions'
      Author : Laura Solanilla
    • The Management of Knowledge of the Intangible Heritage in Connection with Traditional Craftmanship at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Oslo
      Author : Tom G. Svensson
    • Fact, Fiction and Nostalgia: an Assessment of Heritage Interpretation at Living Museums
      Author : Caroline Wilks & Catherine Kelly
  • Volume 2
    • Gomek Gomanan: Ritual and Power Among the Tagabawa Bagobos of Davao, Mindanao, The Philippines
      Author : Honey Libertine R. Achanzar
    • Life and Tradition of the Ababda Nomads in the Egyptian Desert, the Junction between Intangible and Tangible Heritage Management
      Author : Jolanda E.M.F. Bos-Seldenthuis
    • Defining Intangible Cultural Heritage and its Stakeholders: the Case of Japan
      Author : Voltaire Garces Cang
    • The Problems and Opportunities of Content-based Analysis and Description of Ethnic Music
      Author : Dirk Moelants, Olmo Cornelis, Marc Leman, Jos Gansemans, Rita De Caluwe, Guy De Tré, Tom Matthé & Axel Hallez
    • Whalers' Shanties of Barouallie, St. Vincent: Observations on the Nature, Decline and Revival of a Unique Caribbean Maritime Tradition
      Author : Daniel Lanier & Vincent Reid
    • Museums and the Intangible Heritage : the Case Study of the Afrikaans Language Museum
      Author : Matilda Burden
    • Crossing Cultures through the Intangible Heritage: an Educational Programme about Migration in Greece
      Author : Maria Vlachaki
  • Volume 1
    • Intangible Heritage: A Pacific Case Study at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
      Author : Kolokesa Uafā Māhina-Tuai
    • The Difficulties of Interpreting Mediterranean Voices: Exhibiting Intangibles Using New Technologies
      Author : Margaret Hart Robertson
    • The Role of Museums in the Preservation of Living Heritage: Experiences of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
      Author : Nguyen Van Huy
    • Linking the Present with the Past through Intangible Heritage in History Museums
      Author : Sally Yerkovich
    • The Intangible Heritage: a Challenge and an Opportunity for Museums and Museum Professional Training
      Author : Patrick J. Boylan
    • Preserving the Ephemeral: the International Museum Day 2004 in Mexico
      Author : Silvia Singer
    • Transforming Representations of Intangible Heritage at Iziko (National) Museums, South Africa
      Author : Henry C. Jatti Bredekamp
    • Inspiration Africa! Using Tangible and Intangible Heritage to Promote Social Inclusion Amongst Young People with Disabilities
      Author : Viv Golding