Short Papers

  • Volume 14
  • Volume 11
    • Hot Stones and Cool Digitals: Sustainable Contact Zones for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Finland
      Author : Samir Bhowmik & Lily Díaz
    • Chuskor: Traditional Water Mills of the Dirang Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh
      Author : Rashmirekha Sarma
    • The Fiesta of the Patios: Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Cordoba, Spain
      Author : Tomás López-Guzmán & Francisco Gonzalez Santa Cruz
  • Volume 10
    • Indigenising Intangible Cultural Heritage: Comparison and Interpretation of the Concept of ICH in China
      Author : Zhuang Liu
    • An Integrated Methodology for the Conservation of Traditional Craftsmanship in Historic Buildings
      Author : Özlem Karakul
    • Why Local Governments Matters in Implementing the UNESCO 2003 Convention: the Case for ICCN
      Author : Heekyung Choi & Sumi Nam
  • Volume 8
    • The Role of Intellectual Property in Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Museums
      Author : Caroline Joelle Nwabueze
  • Volume 7
  • Volume 6
  • Volume 4
    • Seeking tangible benefits from linking culture, developemnt and intellectul property
      Author : Wend B. Wendland
    • Drwawing-up a nation-wide inventory of intangible heritage in Portugal
      Author : Paulo Ferreira da Costa
    • Investigating the impact of World Heritage site tourism on the intangible heritage of a community: Tsodilo Hills World Hertage site, Botswana
      Author : Susan Keitumetse & Olivia Nthoi
    • The role of cultural and heritage education at Bakoni Malapa Open Air Museum: demonstrations of cultural practices and craftwork techniques
      Author : Dan Musinguzi & Israel Kibirige
  • Volume 3
    • Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Pacific: a Brief Report on Recent Progress at the Australian Museum
      Author : Paul Monaghan & Leslie Christidis
  • Volume 2
    • A Major Advance towards a Holistic Approach to Heritage Conservation: the 2003 Intangible Heritage Convention
      Author : Mounir Bouchenaki
    • Project Report:the National 'Human Living Treasures' Programme of the Astra Museum, Sibiu, Romania
      Author : Corneliu Ioan Bucur
    • 2007: the Year of Jeju Folklore Project-Reviving the Cultural Heritage of Nature's Paradise
      Author : Minho Han
    • Conference Report: Tangible-Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Sustainable Dichotomy? the 7th Annual Cambridge Heritage Seminar
      Author : Charlotte Andrews & Dacia Viejo-Rose & Britt Baillie & Benjamin Morris
    • Symposium Report: Only in America? Ethnographic Archives, Communities of Orinin and Intangible Cultural Heritage
      Author : Martin Skrydstrup
    • Project Report: Born in Europe: an International Programme on Representing Migrant Experiences in European Museums
      Author : Udo Gößwald