Volume 1

Main Papers

  • Intangible Heritage: A Pacific Case Study at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
    Author : Kolokesa Uafā Māhina-Tuai
  • The Difficulties of Interpreting Mediterranean Voices: Exhibiting Intangibles Using New Technologies
    Author : Margaret Hart Robertson
  • The Role of Museums in the Preservation of Living Heritage: Experiences of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
    Author : Nguyen Van Huy
  • Linking the Present with the Past through Intangible Heritage in History Museums
    Author : Sally Yerkovich
  • The Intangible Heritage: a Challenge and an Opportunity for Museums and Museum Professional Training
    Author : Patrick J. Boylan
  • Preserving the Ephemeral: the International Museum Day 2004 in Mexico
    Author : Silvia Singer
  • Transforming Representations of Intangible Heritage at Iziko (National) Museums, South Africa
    Author : Henry C. Jatti Bredekamp
  • Inspiration Africa! Using Tangible and Intangible Heritage to Promote Social Inclusion Amongst Young People with Disabilities
    Author : Viv Golding