Volume 10

View Points

  • Ghost of the Forest: the Tangible and Intangible in Natural and Cultural Heritage
    Author : Marcel Robischon
  • Flowers for 'Mama Mary': Cultural Hegemony and Change in Argao's Traditional Flores de Mayo
    Author : Zona Hildegarde Saniel Amper

Main Papers

  • A Decade Later: Looking at the Past while Sketching the Future of ICH through the Tripartite Digitisation Model
    Author : Kasper Rodil & Matthias Rehm
  • Disappearing Dialect: the Idu-Mishmi Language of Arunachal Pradesh(India)
    Author : Rashmirekha Sarma
  • Food for the Soul: Eternal Co-existence in the Mayan-Catholic Traditions of Pomuch, Mexico
    Author : Eva Leticia Brito Benítez & Heajoo Chung
  • Spirit of the Loom: the Conservation and Commodification of Surin's Textile Cultural Heritage
    Author : Ratchaneekorn Sae-Wang
  • Common Histories, Constructed Identities: Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Rebranding of Serbia
    Author : Aleksandra Terzić & Željko Bjeljac & Nevena Ćurčić

Short Papers

  • Indigenising Intangible Cultural Heritage: Comparison and Interpretation of the Concept of ICH in China
    Author : Zhuang Liu
  • An Integrated Methodology for the Conservation of Traditional Craftsmanship in Historic Buildings
    Author : Özlem Karakul
  • Why Local Governments Matters in Implementing the UNESCO 2003 Convention: the Case for ICCN
    Author : Heekyung Choi & Sumi Nam

Book Reviews

  • Re-imagining Heritage Interpretation: Enchanting the Past-Future, Russell Staiff, (Ashgate Publishing Group, 2014)
    Author : Steven Engelsman
  • Edible Identities: Food as Cultural Heritage, [eds.]Ronda L. Brulotte and Michael A. Di Giovine, (Ashgate Publishing Group, 2014)
    Author : Marcia Burrowes