Volume 11

View Points

  • Zhao Mu: The Presence of the Past in the Meaning(s) of Space in Confucius’ Graveyard
    Author : Zongjie Wu & Bailan Qin
  • Classical Horsemanship and the Dangers of the Emergent Intangible Cultural Heritage Authorised Discourse
    Author : Sarah Sargent
  • Sanctuary of the Spirits: Okwu-muo, Ori Oke and ‘Mammy Water’ in the Veneration of Sacred Natural Sites in Southern Nigeria
    Author : Temitope Israel Borokini
  • The Spirit of the Convention – Interlocking Principles and Ethics for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage.
    Author : Marc Jacobs
  • ‘All Hands on Deck’: the ‘Sailing’ Landships as unique Cultural Icons of Barbados
    Author : Allison O. Ramsay

Main Papers

  • Mystical Music: Safeguarding Sufiana Mausiqi - a Vanishing Art Form of Kashmir
    Author : Shabir Ahmad Mir
  • Masquerade as Memory: Conflict as Heritage in Lavras do Abade, Brazil
    Author : Diogo Menezes Costa
  • Ụzọ mma: Pathway to Intangible Cultural Heritage in Otobo Ugwu Dunoka Lejja, South-eastern Nigeria
    Author : Christian Chukwuma Opata & Apex Anselm Apeh
  • The Name of the Game: Oware as Men’s Social Space from Caribbean Slavery to Post-Colonial Times
    Author : Richard W. Stoffle & Mamadou A. Baro

Short Papers

  • Hot Stones and Cool Digitals: Sustainable Contact Zones for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Finland
    Author : Samir Bhowmik & Lily Díaz
  • Chuskor: Traditional Water Mills of the Dirang Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh
    Author : Rashmirekha Sarma
  • The Fiesta of the Patios: Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Cordoba, Spain
    Author : Tomás López-Guzmán & Francisco Gonzalez Santa Cruz

Book Reviews

  • UNESCO on the Ground: Local Perspectives on Intangible Cultural Heritage, Michael Dylan Foster & Lisa Gilman, (eds.),[Indiana University Press, 2015]
    Author : Roger L. Janelli