Volume 12

View Points

  • Inhabiting a Language: Linguistic Interactions as a Living Repository for Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Author : Olga Bialostocka
  • ‘Super-diversity’ and the Changing Face of Intangible Cultural Heritage: the Case of West-Kruiskade, Rotterdam
    Author : Albert van der Zeijden

Main Papers

  • Intangible Cultural Heritage and Soft Power – Exploring the Relationship
    Author : Hanna Schreiber
  • Crafting Collaboration: Conflict Resolution and Community Engagement in the Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum Cluster
    Author : Yi Fu & Sangkyun Kim & Ruohan Mao
  • Lefkara Lace: Educational Approaches to ICH in Cyprus
    Author : Maria Ktori
  • Copyright and Data Authenticity in the Digital Preservation of Heritage: the Case of OAPI States
    Author : Caroline Joelle Nwabueze
  • Inventorying Intangible Cultural Heritage on the Web: a Life-cycle Approach
    Author : Maria Teresa Artese & Isabella Gagliardi
  • Liquid Gold: Berber Women and the Argan Oil Co-operatives in Morocco
    Author : Patricia Huang
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage in Times of ‘Superdiversity’: Exploring Ways of Transformation
    Author : Jorijn Neyrinck
  • Flooded Lands, Forgotten Voices: Safeguarding the Indigenous Languages and Intangible Heritage of the Nubian Nile valley
    Author : Kirsty Rowan
  • A Perspective on Systems Design in the Digitisation of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Author : Kasper Rodil

Book Reviews

  • Perceptions of Sustainability in Heritage Studies, Heritage Studies Volume 4, (ed.) Marie-Theres Albert, (Berlin, Germany: Walter De Gruyter, 2015)
    Author : Richard Stoffle
  • The Routledge Companion to Intangible Cultural Heritage, (eds.) Michelle L. Stefano and Peter Davis, (London/New York: Routledge, 2017)
    Author : Steven Engelsman
  • Engaging Heritage, Engaging Communities, (eds.) Bryony Onciul, Michelle L. Stefano and Stephanie Hawke, (Woodbridge, Boydell Press, 2017)
    Author : Annette B. Fromm
  • Intangible cultural heritage and digital tools: passing on, participative management, issues at stake, (eds.) Marta Severo and Séverine Cachat, (Paris, Editions L'Harmattan, coll. ‘digital humanities’, November 2016)
    Author : Chérif Khaznadar