Volume 13


View Points

  • Museums and Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage - Facilitating Participation and Strengthening their Function in Society
    Author : Janet Blake
  • Grandfather Tree: Ute Horror at the Killing of a Heritage Tree
    Author : Richard Stoffle, Alden Naranjo, Chris Sittler, Kelly Slivka
  • Deities in a Changing Igbo Society: Ndi Nsukka, 1960-2016
    Author : Okonkwo C. Eze

Main Papers

  • Contemporising Custom: the re-imagining of the Mari Lwyd
    Author : David R. Howell
  • Panaad and the Paril: Traditional Systems of Soil and Water Conservation in Cebu, the Philippines
    Author : Zona H. Amper, Ian Dale Rios, Vincent Ace Caumeran, Ruel Rigor, Teresita Cleopolada Sarile
  • Shared Stories: Narratives Linking the Tangible and Intangible in Museums
    Author : Joris van Eijnatten, Marije de Nood
  • In Search of Honour: Eya Ebule as a Legacy of Igbo resistance and food security from World War 2
    Author : Christian Chukwuma Opata, Apex A Apeh
  • Puha Po to Kavaicuwac: a Southern Paiute Pilgrimage in Southern Utah
    Author : Kathleen Van Vlack
  • Why is she naked? An Iterative Refinement of the Digitisation of ICH with the OvaHimba Tribe in Namibia
    Author : Kasper Rodil, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus
  • Sokcho Saja Noreum: Transition and Transmission of a North Korean Community's Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Author : Eun Sok Bae, Yoon Ok Park
  • ICH and 'Frugal Innovation': a Contribuition to Development through the Framework of the 2003 Convention
    Author : Julio Sa Rego, Ariane Agnes Corradi
  • An Analysis of Educational Designs in Intangible Cultural Heritage Programmes: the Case of Spain
    Author : Olaia Fontal Merillas, Marta Martinez Rodriguez
  • Tide and Time: Korean Fishermen's Traditional Knowledge of Multtae in Gomso Bay
    Author : Sook-Jeong Jo

Book Reviews

  • Tase - Power - Tradition; Geographical Indications as Cultural Property, Göttingen Studies in Cultural Property, Volume 10
    Author : Steven Engelsman