Volume 14


View Points

  • Living site, living values: the Matendera festival as practice in community conservation
    Author : Njabulo Chipangura, Robert T. Nyamushosho, Takudzwa B. Pasipanodya
  • Wangkarra: communication and the verbal arts of Australia’s Western Desert
    Author : Inge Kral, Jennifer Green, Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis
  • Aligning tradition and creativity: preserving pansori in South Korea
    Author : Anna Yates-Lu
  • Intangible heritage in the United States: a history of separate initiatives
    Author : William Chapman
  • Safeguarding memory as intangible heritage: experiences and stories of life on Hong Kong’s social housing estates
    Author : Jonathan Paquette, Di Wang, Won Min Seo

Main Papers

  • Dovetailing: safeguarding traditional craftsmanship using virtual reality
    Author : Ingeborg Goll Rossau, Milo Marsfeldt Skovfoged, Jedrzej Jacek Czapla, Miroslav Kalinov Sokolov, Kasper Rodil
  • Beyond the intangible/tangible binary: an analysis of historic built environments in Valencia, Spain.
    Author : Juan García-Esparza
  • Cross-cultural understanding of Chinese traditional puppetry: integrating digital technology to enhance audience engagement
    Author : Shichao Zhao, David Kirk, Simon Bowen, Peter Wright
  • Gastronomic heritage elements at UNESCO: problems, reflections and interpretations on a new heritage category
    Author : Marco Romagnoli

Short Papers

Book Reviews

  • The Participation in the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage: The role of Communities, Groups and Individuals 2018.
    Author : Rachel Watson
  • The African Roots of Marijuana, 2019.
    Author : Richard Stoffle