Volume 5

View Points

  • From subject to producer: reframing the indigenous heritage through cultural documentation training
    Author : Guha Shankar

Main Papers

  • Revitalisation of the folk epics of the Lower Yangzi Delta: an example of China's intangible cultural heritage
    Author : Anne E. McLaren
  • The links between safeguarding language and safeguarding musical heritage
    Author : Catherine Grant
  • Fresco: intangible heritage as a key to unlocking the links between the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in Alamos
    Author : Daan Hoekstra
  • Safeguarding traditional craftsmanship: a project demonstrating the revitalisation of intangible heritage in Murad Khane, Kabul
    Author : Thalia Kennedy
  • Safeguarding Australian heritage trade skills
    Author : Deborah Tranter
  • 'Operational sequence analysis' applied to pottery making techniques in Korea
    Author : Song-Yong Park