Volume 7

Main Papers

  • The Ritual of Boat Incineration on the Island of Vis, Croatia: an Interpretation
    Author : Joško Božanić & Eni Buljubašić
  • Asian Indian Celebrations of Ethnicity: Perspectives from the Mid-western United States
    Author : M. Gail Hickey
  • The System of Sponsorship for Processional Images and the Traditions Associated with them in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, the Philippines
    Author : Romeo B. Galang, Jr.
  • The Catalan Fishermen’s Traditional Knowledge of Climate and the Weather: a Distinctive Way of Relating to Nature
    Author : Eliseu Carbonell
  • Women’s Dances from the Javanese Court
    Author : Michi Tomioka

Short Papers

Book Reviews