Volume 8

Main Papers

  • Putting Intangible Heritage in its Place(s): Proposals for Policy and Practice
    Author : Ned Kaufman
  • Losing our Masks: Traditional Masquerade and Changing Constructs of Barbadian Identity
    Author : Marcia Burrowes
  • Ethnological Values and Opportunities for Establishing a Heritage Policy around Tuna-trapping in Andalusia (Spain)
    Author : David Florido-Corral
  • Challenges Surrounding the Survival of the Nishijin Silk Weaving Industry in Kyoto, Japan
    Author : Okpyo Moon
  • Air Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Haar of Scotland and Local Atmospheres as Heritage 'Sites'
    Author : Benjamin Morris
  • The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Wales: a Need for Safeguarding?
    Author : David Howell
  • Barbadian Bio-cultural Heritage: an Analysis of the Flying Fish
    Author : Janice Cumberbatch & Catrina Hinds
  • ‘Community’ as a Landscape of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Basho-fu in Kijoku, a Japanese Example of a Traditional Woven Textile and its Relationship with the Public
    Author : Sumiko Sarashima
  • A Community Convention? An analysis of Free, Prior and Informed Consent given under the 2003 Convention
    Author : Britta Rudolff & Susanne Raymond
  • A Sense of Place: Re-purposing and Impacting Heritage Resource Evidence through Digital Heritage and Interpretation Practice
    Author : Ray Howell & Matt Chilcott

Short Papers

  • The Role of Intellectual Property in Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Museums
    Author : Caroline Joelle Nwabueze

Book Reviews

  • Book review: Intangible Heritage and the Museum: New Perspectives on Cultural Preservation, 2012 [by Marilena Alivizatou]
    Author : Annette B. Fromm
  • Book review: Touching the Intangible: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage, 2012 [by Stefano, Michelle L., Davis, Peter, and Corsane, Gerard, eds.]
    Author : Gregory Hansen