Q[PR] I would like to share news about intangible heritage.Show Answer

Please write the content you want to share with International Journal of Intangible Heritage in a Microsoft Word file or pdf and send it to the publication office (ijih.secretariat@gmail.com). You will be notified whether or not to upload by email from publication office.

Q[Access] I have entered the wrong password more than 5 times.Show Answer

Please e-mail the ID, name and email address registered with the International Journal of Intangible Heritage Publication Office(ijih.secretariat@gmail.com).

Q[Access] How do I find my password?Show Answer

The Forgot password link located at the bottom of the Log in box will direct you to fill out the needed information so that you receive an email with temporary password. If you do not remember your User ID to reset your password please contact us (ijih.secretariat@gmail.com) for further proceedings.

If you are unable to resolve the problem please provide any of the information that you know: Name (full name) and any email addresses that may be associated with your account(s).

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Q[Submission] I would like to know the paper review process.Show Answer

1. Review of submitted papers starts from the deadline(15th December).
2. At least three judges, including one editor, will review the paper.
3. The publication will be decided after two screenings, and as soon as each screening is completed, the International Journal of Cultural Heritage Publication Office sends an email to the contributor.

Q[Submission] The submitted paper cannot be confirmed.Show Answer

1. Please check whether you are logged in the website or not.
2. After accessing the website, please click on the submitted paper in My Information.
3. If you cannot see the paper you submitted in the submission list, please contact the International Journal of Cultural Heritage Publication (ijih.secretariat@gmail.com).

Q[Composition] What is the format of the paper?Show Answer

The paper must be written in English using MicroSoft's word program.
Papers written in other languages or other programs are not accepted.
When writing a paper, the left and right margins are designated as default, and the spacing between paragraphs is designated as no gap. The font is Times New Roman, the size is 12, and the line spacing is 1.15.
The body of the article should include the date of submission, the title of the article, and the name, title, affiliation, nationality, biography, and email of all authors.
The abstract should be written in 250 words or less, and the keywords in 10 words.
The body of academic research and research reports is within 8,000 words, the essay and book review, and the viewpoint is within 2,000 words.
Photo and image files can be added to the text as much as it helps to understand the paper. However, a picture file must be attached and registered at the time the paper is submitted.
The text does not use footnotes, but endnotes. References should be written after the endnotes.
For detailed instructions, please refer to the attached example file.

Example Download

Q[Submission] How do I submit a paper via online?Show Answer

1. Register as a member of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage Website.
2. After signing up, log in to the International Journal of Intangible Heritage Website.
3. Click Online submission in the Paper submission at the top of the website.
4. In the 'Basic Information', enter the date of submission of the paper, the title of the paper, the keywords and abstract in English.
5. Be sure to click on 1 out of 6 UNESCO Intangible Heritage categories.
6. In the personal information, write the biography of the contributor in English. There is no limit to the quantity, but if the quantity is long, you must fill in the Chicago style at the link below.
7. Upload papers and image files. You can search for images and papers by clicking the magnifying glass on the right. If the number of files you want to attach exceeds 1, you can create more upload windows by clicking the + on the right.
8. Before submitting the thesis, be sure to check the following two items and check the box.
  1) The submitted paper must be an original research which has never been published or submitted in other journals.
  2) The contributor agrees that the copyright will be transferred to the International Journal of Intangible Heritage Publish Office after the decision to publish the submitted paper.
9. Click Register.

Q[Sign up] How do I register?Show Answer

1. Click ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the first page of IJIH Homepage.
2. Enter the ID and password you want to use in the 'Basic Information'.
3. Enter the first name, last name, country, gender, address to receive the journal, email, and contact information (including country code) in English. Items marked with * are required.
4. Check the box for consent to collection of personal information at the bottom of the screen.
5. Click ‘Join’ on the bottom right of the screen.
6. After joining the membership, it usually takes 3-4 days until the website manager approves the subscription. After signing up, you will receive an e-mail to approve your subscription.
7. If you do not receive an e-mail to approve the subscription after 3-4 days, please contact the International Journal of Intangible Heritage Publication Office(ijih.secretariat@gmail.com).

Q[Introduction] What is the International Journal of Intangible Heritage?Show Answer

The International Journal of Intangible Heritage, established in 2006, is an international journal written in English aimed at promoting understanding of all aspects of intangible heritage and communicating good practice in research and work.

It is the first international journal in the field of intangible heritage, and is listed in the Index of Citation for Arts and Humanities (A & HCI), SCOPUS, MLAIB, and the Korean Journal Citation Index (KCI). The English version is published every May, and the Korean version is published every November.
All topics related to intangible heritage can be submitted year-round, and papers submitted before December 15th of each year will be reviewed and final evaluated at an editorial meeting held in February the following year, and published in May of the same year.

For inquiries related to International Journal Intangible Heritage, please contact:
International Journal Intangible Heritage Publishing Office
(03045) National Folk Museum of Korea, 37, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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