Knowledge and Practices concerning Nature and the Universe

Northern Lights on Indigenous Intangible Heritage: a changing legal landscape in Sápmi

Author : Anita Vaivade
Region : Region,    Year : 2024   Vol. 19

Small-scale octopus fishery with clay shelter pots: intangible cultural heritage and sustainable practices

Author : Laura del Valle Mesa
Region : Region,    Year : 2024   Vol. 19

The Origin Myth of Sun and Moon in the Andean and Korean Traditions*

Author : Park Ho-Jin, Rodolfo Sánchez Garrafa
Region : Region,    Year : 2022   Vol. 17

Safeguarding ritual practices in the limestone cave areas along the Swahili coast of the Indian Ocean in Tanzania

Author : Maximilian Felix Chami, PhD
Region : Region,    Year : 2021   Vol. 16

‘Grandfather Tree’: Ute Horror at the Killing of a Heritage Tree

Author : Richard Stoffle, Alden Naranjo, Chris Sittler, Kelly Slivka
Region : Region,    Year : 2018   Vol. 13

Panaad and the Paril: Traditional Systems of Soil and Water Conservation in Cebu, the Philippines

Author : Zona H. Amper, Ian Dale Rios, Vincent Ace Caumeran, Ruel Rigor, Teresita Cleopolada Sarile
Region : Region,    Year : 2018   Vol. 13

Puha Po to Kavaicuwac: a Southern Paiute Pilgrimage in Southern Utah

Author : Kathleen Van Vlack
Region : Region,    Year : 2018   Vol. 13

Liquid Gold: Berber Women and the Argan Oil Co-operatives in Morocco

Author : Patricia Huang
Region : Region,    Year : 2017   Vol. 12

Chuskor: Traditional Water Mills of the Dirang Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh

Author : Rashmirekha Sarma
Region : Region,    Year : 2016   Vol. 11

Ghost of the Forest: the Tangible and Intangible in Natural and Cultural Heritage

Author : Marcel Robischon
Region : Region,    Year : 2015   Vol. 10

Disappearing Dialect: the Idu-Mishmi Language of Arunachal Pradesh(India)

Author : Rashmirekha Sarma
Region : Region,    Year : 2015   Vol. 10

Food for the Soul: Eternal Co-existence in the Mayan-Catholic Traditions of Pomuch, Mexico

Author : Eva Leticia Brito Benítez & Heajoo Chung
Region : Region,    Year : 2015   Vol. 10

The value of memory: Suakin’s cultural heritage - significant for whom?

Author : Shadia Taha
Region : Region,    Year : 2014   Vol. 9

A network of traditional knowledge: the intangible heritage of water distribution in Bahrain

Author : Britta Rudolff & Muhammad alZekri
Region : Region,    Year : 2014   Vol. 9

Barbadian Bio-cultural Heritage: an Analysis of the Flying Fish

Author : Janice Cumberbatch & Catrina Hinds
Region : Region,    Year : 2013   Vol. 8

Reading the intangible heritage in tangible Akan art

Author : Kwame Amoah Labi
Region : Region,    Year : 2009   Vol. 4

Cosmology: an Intangible Heritage Exhibition and Educational Programme at the Museum of Astronomy, Rio de Janeiro

Author : Luiz Carlos Borges & Marilia Braz Botelho
Region : Region,    Year : 2008   Vol. 3