Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events

A woman can become a 'man': Rituals and gender equality among the Nsukka Igbo of south-eastern Nigeria

Author : Christian Chukwuma Opata Apex Apeh Chidi Mike Amaechi, Hillary Oguejiofor Eze
Region : Region,    Year : 2021   Vol. 16

An approach to enhancing contemporary handmade products with historic narratives

Author : Nikolaos Partarakis, PhD, Effie Karuzaki (Mrs.), Paraskevi Doulgeraki (Mrs.), Carlo Meghini (Mr.), Cynthia Beisswenger (Mrs.), Hansgeorg Hauser (Mr.), Xenophon Zabulis, PhD
Region : Region,    Year : 2021   Vol. 16

Living site, living values: the Matendera festival as practice in community conservation and presentation

Author : Njabulo Chipangura, PhD & Robert T. Nyamushosho & Takudzwa B. Pasipanodya, MA
Region : Region,    Year : 2019   Vol. 14

Intangible heritage in the United States: a history of separate initiatives

Author : William Chapman, MS DPhil
Region : Region,    Year : 2019   Vol. 14

(Co-)curating the rural traditions and material culture of villages: a case study in Wanju, Korea

Author : Seong-mi Jeong
Region : Region,    Year : 2019   Vol. 14

Contemporising Custom: the re-imagining of the Mari Lwyd

Author : David R. Howell
Region : Region,    Year : 2018   Vol. 13

In Search of Honour: Eya Ebule as a Legacy of Igbo resistance and food security from World War 2

Author : Christian Chukwuma Opata, Apex A Apeh
Region : Region,    Year : 2018   Vol. 13

Zhao Mu: The Presence of the Past in the Meaning(s) of Space in Confucius’ Graveyard

Author : Zongjie Wu & Bailan Qin
Region : Region,    Year : 2016   Vol. 11

Masquerade as Memory: Conflict as Heritage in Lavras do Abade, Brazil

Author : Diogo Menezes Costa
Region : Region,    Year : 2016   Vol. 11

Ụzọ mma: Pathway to Intangible Cultural Heritage in Otobo Ugwu Dunoka Lejja, South-eastern Nigeria

Author : Christian Chukwuma Opata & Apex Anselm Apeh
Region : Region,    Year : 2016   Vol. 11

The Name of the Game: Oware as Men’s Social Space from Caribbean Slavery to Post-Colonial Times

Author : Richard W. Stoffle & Mamadou A. Baro
Region : Region,    Year : 2016   Vol. 11

The Fiesta of the Patios: Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Cordoba, Spain

Author : Tomás López-Guzmán & Francisco Gonzalez Santa Cruz
Region : Region,    Year : 2016   Vol. 11

Why Local Governments Matters in Implementing the UNESCO 2003 Convention: the Case for ICCN

Author : Heekyung Choi & Sumi Nam
Region : Region,    Year : 2015   Vol. 10

Marshal Nezha ‘transformed’: Techno Nezha in Taiwan

Author : Leo Yuan
Region : Region,    Year : 2014   Vol. 9

The Role of Intellectual Property in Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Museums

Author : Caroline Joelle Nwabueze
Region : Region,    Year : 2013   Vol. 8

The Ritual of Boat Incineration on the Island of Vis, Croatia: an Interpretation

Author : Joško Božanić & Eni Buljubašić
Region : Region,    Year : 2012   Vol. 7

Asian Indian Celebrations of Ethnicity: Perspectives from the Mid-western United States

Author : M. Gail Hickey
Region : Region,    Year : 2012   Vol. 7

Contemporary Falconry in Altai-Kazakh in Western Mongolia

Author : Takuya Soma
Region : Region,    Year : 2012   Vol. 7

Safeguarding the 'path of the souls' : the Don Bosco Museum of Cultures

Author : Aivone Carvalho Brandão & Dulcília Silva
Region : Region,    Year : 2011   Vol. 6

'Quaker Sweat' as Intangible Heritage

Author : Benjamin Gratham Aldred
Region : Region,    Year : 2011   Vol. 6

Preserving Intangible Heritage in Japan: the Role of the Iemoto System

Author : Voltaire Garces Cang
Region : Region,    Year : 2008   Vol. 3

Defining Intangible Cultural Heritage and its Stakeholders: the Case of Japan

Author : Voltaire Garces Cang
Region : Region,    Year : 2007   Vol. 2

Linking the Present with the Past through Intangible Heritage in History Museums

Author : Sally Yerkovich
Region : Region,    Year : 2006   Vol. 1